Now we are all back to school after our Easter breaks, we can begin our second project - a virtual excursion. This will give all our participating classes a chance to showcase the significant areas in their school and community. We will be using google maps as our platform and I encourage you all to familiarise yourselves with creating your own map.

  • go to,
  • select the My Places tab,
  • click on the sign in option (if you do not already have a google account click here to create a class google account).
  • Once signed into google maps, you are able to select the CREATE MAP tab. Complete the details and clsik done. Give your map a title and description and set the provacy settings to public (or no one will be able to acces the virtual excrusion). Now you are able to select the edit button which will provide you with the editing tools to enable you to add pins and lines to your map. Click on the blue pin and place it on a significant places in your school, community or county. Continue to add pins to your map to showcase your area.

How to create a my map in google maps Youtube video
How to add pins to google maps
Making a google map

The virtual excursion will ultimately be in the form of a quest, so students can get busy creating clues for others to solve. Be creative and add weblinks, photos, videos to your pins. As an optional extra (not essential but a great idea)
you might also add a link back to Edmodo or a purpose built blog page where students answer the questions posed in the quest by posting a comment!

Geoquesting Examples
Geo Education - Classroom Ideas


iRubric: Google Maps Exercise rubric

Geoquest Excursion
Geo_quest_excursion EOI letter to schools
Create_me_Excursion_Expression_of_interest EOI reply from school

sample_Sample Risk Assessment