About CAP Create Me (CCM)

CAP Create Me is a Riverina Network Initiative funded by the NSW Country Areas Program supporting NSW rural and remote students. Create_Me Outline.docx and Create Me Action Plan.docx outline the project as funded.

Thank you also to EVO DigitalStorytelling4kids for inspiring our first 5 weeks of the program. I highly recommend joining any one of the EVO projects if you would like to continue working in an amazing global project to learn and collaborate with educators across the globe!

Thank you to CLI and MACICT for their support in the geoquesting phase.


The project aims to create a virtual classroom across the globe, to join students across the globe to collaborate in creating a common product together.
With this aim in mind, 3 projects will be run through in 2012. The first and second project will aim to familiarise ourselves with the tools we will need to use. These projects will also firmly establish both the students and the teachers as both learners and teachers in the project.
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Here are the basic outlines for the three projects:

CCM February - April, 2012

Using the Web2.0 tools to create a persuasive text
  • Online Teacher Information Meeting: February 15
  • Students post their Web2.0 presentations to the wiki
  • CAP Create Me banner competition finalists announced, Survey monkey polling begins.
  • student and teacher applications for geoteam closing date:
  • student and teacher geoteam announced:

CCM April - July, 2012

Where in the World is....? Hosting a geoquesting virtual excursion at our school.
  • Successful students and teachers visit Sydney on a quest finding mission
  • students and teachers create Sydney goequest for project
  • all students and teachers complete virtual tour for their school
  • school virtual tours begin

CCM July - December, 2012

Our School, Our Community.
  • Additional School's Application Deadline: July 29th
  • Online Teacher Information Meeting: before August 1st
  • Virtual Handshakes: August 1-15
  • Form Teams and Project Discussions:August 15- September 15
  • Individual Multimedia Collection and Sharing to group page in wiki: September 15-30
  • Collation and Team Product Creation: October 1-15
  • Celebration and Sharing: October 15-November 1


CAP Create Me (CCM) is a cross curriculum project for students of approximately ages 8-12. This Country Areas Program initiative will create a global virtual learning community of teachers and students and focus on the concepts of social awareness, social conscience covering aspects of our school, our community. The project will join students across the globe to collaborate in learning and finally to creating a common product together.


In stage 1 students and teachers will join together in exploring a variety of web2.0 tools, select one and as a class demonstrate that tool to the other students in the project by:
  • video conference
  • screen casting
  • any other effective means
All teaching and learning materials will be posted to the project wiki as a teaching and learning resource for clasroom use.
Students will present their selected web2.0 tool in the form of a learning activity based on a current unit of work in their classroom for other students.

Students and teachers will apply to become part of the geoteam who will visit Sydney to learn the skills of geoquesting. The team will return to the project and will be expected to pass these skill onto the rest of the project schools. Thus the successful applicants must be able to demonstrate active participation in the project in Term 1 including preparation of teaching andlearning materials, presentation on video conferencing, application to CCM banner competition, evidence of regular blogging of their experience in the CCM project.


Students will create a virtual tour of their school and local community to allow students from around the globe to visit and learn more about other places.


Students will participate in mixed global classroom teams to share information on their topic, then create one product together to share with their own class.

1.Do some research on the topic as determined at the project teacher meeting. These may include the following:
  • Food
  • Housing
  • Games and leisure
  • Environment
  • Housing
  • Transport
  • School time
  • Language
  • Culture/Celebrations
  • Clothing
2. Individual students upload individual information on topic to the team wiki page to share with the rest of their group.
3 Each team collaborates to create a multimedia team product using the web2.0 tool decided on by the team which best demonstrates the findings of the whole group. This final product must contain information from each and every member of the group.
4. Upload or embed this multimedia product to the project wiki.
5. View all the group projects and compare and contrast the results.

Tools used:
  • Edmodo
  • Wikispaces
  • A variety of multimedia online tools for sharing and creating

A review of the CMM project experience can be found at the CMM Blog

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