Task Outline

  • ensure all students have returned their signed internet publishing permission form.
  • students explore edmodo with a class edmodo group
  • create class edmodo rules
  • students join the edmodo group for their group
  • student and class introductions in edmodo
  • students begin to explore and use tools to introduce their class and themselves in edmodo
  • students reply to other students in edmodo

Students join Edmodo

1. Inform parents and school leaders about the project
2. Ensure all students have returned their signed internet permission forms
There are sample permission forms on the User Agreements and permission forms wiki page. Please feel free to use these forms however change them to include your school letterhead and information. (I'm sure you will be able to find ways to include students without permission to publish).
3. Create a class group for your students in edmodo
Edmodo users Guide
Log into Edmodo. Next to Groups, click create. A pop up box will allow you to create your own class group.
Once you have completed the details, edmodo will create a code for your class group. Your students will need this code when they first register for edmodo. Edmodo will only allow students to join edmodo in a private group.
4.Create your Edmodo Code
Discuss basic cybersafety with your class. Include a conversation about what makes a good 'cyber' citizen. Discuss the differences between what you can post in a 'school only' group and 'cross school' group, Write this up in your edmodo group page, display in your classroom and pass onto parents and caregivers.
Here are some exellent examples:
Mitchell Squires Fabulous 5S Blog.
David Tallon 4_6_t_code_of_conduct_wyalong_ps2.pdf

5. Students register for edmodo.
Follow this edmodolink to the edmodo website. Students chose the 'I am a student' option and fill out the necessary information. Do not use students full names, use first name, initial and school initials. (John James from Monaro Public School would be - johnjmps) They will be forced to enter the group code for your group. Click here to see edmodo.JPG demonstration.
Students love collecting things as a teacher you can award badgesIto students. This blog post provides a few tips.

6. students create their own avator.
Students can simply find an image from the internet to use as an avatar. Discuss creative commens before students use images from the internet.
There are also some great sites for creating a really cool pimped up avatar. Students could also draw a picture or use a creative commens image for their avatar. Upload their creation into their profile in edmodo. Every time they post their avatar will make them easily recognisable. Do not use photos of the students.

Students join Edmodo 'cross-school' group

1. Edmodo code
Revisit your class Edodo Code and discuss the differences between what you can post in a 'school only' group and 'cross school' group, Consider the implications and add to your code where necessary.
2. Join your CAP Create Me private **Edmodo**class group
email anne-maree.moore@det.nsw.edu.au for a group code. Once you have received your project edmodo group name and code you can assist your students to join.

Once students are a member of the edmodo site they can click on the join group button under their avatar. They will be promted to enter the code for their group. This code will be emailed to you by your group leader. This is a private group which cannot be accessed or viewed by anyone without the code.

Introduce your class in Edmodo

Once your students are in their Edmodo group you can begin the introductiona:
As a class group create a class introduction. This could be using one of the tools listed below.
(Allow students to introduce themselves in a post as well - remind them of the group Edmodo Code)

View this collection of ideas on our collaborative linoit. Please add more ideas on how our classes can introduce themselves using web2.0 tools. The more students can interact with each other in a web2.0 tool the more the collaborative the activity.

Some suggested tools for students' Introductions:

video, images, audio
Glogster- online poster
Voicethread - share images with choice of text, voice and video. Allows commenting from others
voki - create talking avatars, respond to texts, persuasive piece....Inspire your students!
Animoto - turns your photos and video clips into professional video slideshows
popplet - create a class group on a popplet or linoit
Alternatively you could invite everyone in your group to add to the glogster, voicethread, popplet or linoit to create a virtual classroom profile!!
Infographic representation of your class or for the entire edmodo group