Dear Anne-Maree.
Thank you so much for today! What an amazind learning enviroment today!
Today we were all learners and teachers simaltaneously. Students have been given a tool and from this tool they have become independent learners and meaning makers! The learners were immersed in the learning and students were engaged and capitivated. Learners asked questions of themselves- were reflective and wanted to learn more. The bell just went for recess and NO student "updated" the "teachers" that it was recess. "Oh, it's recess- oh well" and the learning continued! Students were learning out loud and were learning side-by-side. Teacher's weren't stressed- teacher's were learners and were excited by what they were doing!
Enjoy your day,Amelia

Throughout Anne-Maree's lesson on Edmodo students were engaged and switched on. As the lesson progressed I noticed that students began teaching one another and Anne-Maree's role as facilitator decreased. I also noticed that students who are usually disengaged were quiet and focused on the authentic task. They communicated with their peers, asking for help. .. Students the idea that they were in control of the learning experience and enjoyed the challenge of solving problems as they progressed through the site. They were excited to meet students from different countries and share their own experiences with them. When the bell rang for recess or home time not one child moved, they had to be asked. They left the lessons eagerly asking "can you teach me how to use photoshop?", "when will they reply to our questions?", "Can we take photos at recess to send to them?" etc.

The experience was engaging and very inclusive, supporting students from varied ability levels. We will happily continue to utilise Edmodo and embed it into our future programming.



Intresting and engaged students. A resource for further interation and daily/weekly use in the classroom
Mrs Woulf