Hi all
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With the Olympic Games just around the corner I thought we might have some simple fun with some games of our own!

To participate:
Create an Olympic Games EventAs a class invent your own simple game for all the CAPCreateMe2012 students to enter. Make sure you explain how to participate including the rules in a new post using the edmodo group CAP Virtual Olympic Games - You might even consider providing a photo or video to demonstrate the event in your post.
Your game might involve a sport, poetry, art, photography anything fun at all! It might be how many hoops you can throw in 1 minute for example. Something you might already do in your classroom or playground.

Create a new edmodo group for your game and include the code to your Olympic Games group in your post. Your class will be respon
carla in the olympics_edited-1.jpg
Carla from Weethalle 'competing' in the eventing
sible for refereeing, judging and presenting the gold, silver and bronze medals (Edmodo badges) for your event and posting the results in the main CAP Virtual Olympic Games Edmodo group. The winners will be displayed on the CAPCreateMe2012 wikispace.

To compete in the games you must participate in the event at your school (or home) but you must provide some form of evidence of your result - this could be a photo, video, animoto etc - be creative - and post your result in the appropriate edmodo group for that event (do not post your results in the main CAP Virtual Olympic Games Edmodo group).

Champion Class and Country
Hannah olympics-running copy.jpg
Hannah out in front in the running event.

We will be keeping a tally of the results and at the end of the Olympic Games (12 August 2012) we will announce the winner of the Olympic Games. You can enter as many events as you like.
Please come join us, represent your school and your country and make this the best games ever!

email to anne-maree.moore@det.nsw.edu.au

Ky from Weethalle PS pips Usain at the post!

will luelf-London 2012 copy.jpg
Will from Australia competing in the 800m