Schools around the globe will be hosting students from another country in their schools.
window-seat Belen.jpg
Belen flys to Australia

Students will be hosted using photoshop. Take photos of significant places and event in your area then photoshop your exchange student into the photo as if they are really there with you. Some examples might be:
  • Cultural activities
  • Sporting events
  • Sightseeing trips
  • Recreational activities
  • Attending your school

Once you have created your photo, upload the photos of your exchange student to your wiki page and write something about what is happening in the photo.
See Julieta's travels here
ayres rock julieta.jpg
Julieta takes a holiday to Ullaru

Create a google map for this project and add your photos using Google Map pins to show where the photos were taken. On your google map also show where your student comes from. Embed your google map onto your wiki page (see links in the navigation panel on the left side of this wiki) like the one below. See this map on their page
Andrea and Kyla

Our Exchange Student Map

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Colegio del Sol

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Julieta kangaroo.jpg
Julieta meets the local wild life!