Welcome to Week One. We look forward to embarking on this collaborative learning journey together. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact one of the organisers.

Week 1. Weekly Outline

During this week teachers will participate in the following activities. Students will begin in Week 2.
  • Introductions and connections in edmodo
  • joining wikispaces and edmodo and participate in the online discussions
  • discussions relating to copyright and cybersafety
  • beginning to explore and use online tools to introduce yourselves to the group.
  • participate in an online survey

Week 1 Teacher Tasks

Instructions to complete the above activities:

Task 1, Day 1: Connecting - Getting Started with Wikis and Edmodo

The first thing you will need to do in the project is to join this wiki Wiki and our edmodo group. These two spaces will allow us to communicate and learn from one another, share experiences, publish our stories and receive support.

1. Join the CAPCreateMe wiki. (To do this you will need to be a member of wikispaces.com)

a. How to join wikispaces.com simply click on the link at the top left of this wiki page: 'join this wiki'.
You will be promted to join wikispaces. Follow the promts to join wikispaces first. For security reasons, you are required to create a user name that is easily identifiable. As teachers responsible for the safety of our students online, we all need to be identifiable on registration your request may not be accepted. Also you must use your work education email. Please contact a moderator if you require any further assistance.

b. How to join the CAPCreateMe wiki:
Once you are signed into wikispaces, on the capcreateme2012 wikispace click on the link at the top left of the wiki: 'join this wiki'. In the dialogue box please add a message that tells the moderators who you are and what school and country you are from.
2. Add your class on the wiki
Once your wiki membership has been approved by the moderators you can add your class details on the front pageof this wiki. To do this, add your school name to the front page of the wiki as well as add a pin on our project to Our Community on google maps. Just in case you've never edited a google map, here's a video example: http://screencast.com/t/qdvWyLoBKJ

3. Join CAP Create Me private Edmodogroup
a. How to join edmodo: Follow this edmodo link to the edmodo website. Click on the 'I am a teacher' and fill out the necessary information.
b. How to join the CAP edmodo group: Once you are into the edmodo site, to join the CAP Create Me group, Under your name click on join group and enter the code: w4pfsp. Click here to see edmodo.JPG demonstration. This is a private group where the teacher discussions and notifications will take place. Your students will also be using edmodo for their discussions.

4. Add your school to Our Community on Google Maps

Adding your school to our map will create a lovely visual representation of our whole group. Just in case you've never edited a google map, here's a video example: http://screencast.com/t/qdvWyLoBKJ

Task 2, Days 1-5: 3,2,1 Introduction- Introduce Yourself & Get to Know Others

1. Introductions

After you've joined our wiki and the CAP CreateMe Edmodo group, post your 3,2,1 introduction. Follow the steps below to complete the activity!

Step 1. Make sure to include in your presentation:3 things we should know about you2 of your favorite activities in the world1 dream job you would have if you weren't a teacher
Step 2. Post your introduction to EdmodoYou can simply type in your 321 as text or you may like to experiment with one of the tools on the Project Tools page.
Ensure you select the CAP Create Me group when posting. For more information on how to do this please click here!

Step 3. Be CreativeMany learners respond to visuals and multimedia. Edmodo allows you to share video, images, and audio. Altenatively you can visit our sandbox of tools and decide to use one of them to accomplish the 3,2,1 activity. Be sure to include a link to the original 3,2,1 project. You have a lot of freedom on how you would like to present the activity so be imaginative and creative. We are looking forward to seeing your stories!
Step 4. Connect by CommentingBefore the end of week 1 try to comment on at least 2 other 3,2,1 posts.

2. Join us in Video Conference

Attend our weekly live online meetings/webinars.
Login details and times can be found at Teacher Meetings page..

Task 3, Days 3-4: Answer our Surveys

Teachers please fill out this survey about your prior experience in integrating digital storytelling in your young learner's classroom.
Students can fill out this survey.

Task 4, Days 1-5: Learn about Online Safety and Creative Commons licenses

Keeping young learners safe online is a big responsibility for teachers. While we're teaching language, we also want to model good digital citizenship and safety habits. We also want to shield our students from inappropriate online behavior.
Step 1: Become familiar with online safety1 Watch one (or both of these short videos): Brain Pop Jr. Internet Safety or Common Sense with Phineas and Ferb. Feel free to browse both pages for quizzes and additional information about cyber safety.

2 Share your answers to these cybersafety questions in the Edmodo Group:How can we keep our students safe online?What do you do to keep your students safe? (If you already work with students online)What will you do in the future? (If you aren't currently working online with young learners)
Post your answers into the teachers Edmodo group.

We can create an extensive list of good cybersafety sites for students on our digital citizenship wiki pageAdditional optional readings:Generation SafeThis website includes a LOT of information, and an entire curriculum for teaching cyber safety and digital literacy. If you have time, check out the videos in the Google Literacy Tour. Even though we won't be doing anything with this site during our session, it's such a comprehensive resource we wanted to include it in our links.Internet Safety for Kids This short blog post by Jennifer Verschoor includes some great games to help children learn about online safety.

Step 2: Learn about Creative Commons licensesDigital Storytelling often involves images, and part of digital citizenship is responsible use of online images. We want students to learn to respect copyright, and to identify where they found images. Creative Common licensing has become a simple way for people to define how their images (and other works) can be used.1 Watch this slide show explaining Creative Commons. Generally, permission to use images ranges from pictures that are in the public domain (anyone can use them) to images that are copyright and require permission to use. Creative Commons licenses grant permission in advance. All Creative Commons licenses require attribution (meaning you have to credit the person who shared the image).2 Explore various licenses by doing an online image search. Go to the Flickr Advanced Search page. (Flickr.com --> click on search --> click on advanced search --> enter a keyword, like "animals", scroll down and tick the box that says "search only in Creative Commons-licensed content"). Click on an image and then on the image page click on the license. What are the restrictions? How can you use the image?3 Explore resources for images that are either public domain or Creative Common licenseWikimedia Commons (4 million images in the public domain)Free Images (6000 stock photos, and they require you to credit them as the source)World Images (80,000 photos from the California State University IMAGE project, under a non-commercial CC license)ELT Pics (Images taken by teachers for teachers, collected via Twitter and stored on Flickr, under a non-commercial CC license)PhotoPin (a search engine that finds Creative Commons images)Wylio- Search engine for CC images for bloggersPhotoeXpress- lengthy registration process but you get 10 free quality stock images a day with a search engine and you don't have to attribute.CCMixter.org- Great songs, music that is Creative Commons! Just give attributionFreeSound- Free sound files and clips for use!Soundzabound- Claims to be the ONLY royalty free music library which meetsall the licensing and technology requirements needed for education!http://compfight.com a filtered search in flickr to enable you to search for creative commons images.Find many more resources in the EVO DigitalStorytelling4kids LiveBinder! Just click the tabs and browse!

4 Do you have a favorite site for images or did you discover a great site while browsing? Please share the link in our edmodo group so we can had it to our resources? How about music? We aren't going to be focusing on it, but online music clips face the same copyright issues as images do. Have you found good sites with Creative Commons-licensed music? Share your favourite sites in the Edmodo Group:

Task 5, Days 1-4: Begin to explore the tools

Feel free to explore the various storytelling tools on our Project Tools page. If you feel comfortable, please use one of these tools to complete your 3,2,1 Introduction. When you are finished playing with one of the tools, post a reflection of your experience in the edmodo group. This way we can learn from each other. There are numerous incredible web2.0 tools that we will not be able to explore. This is a way to get to play with these tools and see if they will work for your classroom environment.

Task 6, Day 6: Attend our Webinar (NOTE: 3 webinar times available)

In order to allow more of our participants to attend a live session, we have included two webinar times. Hope you can attend one of them! Sessions will be recorded, and the recordings shared in our archives, in case you can't attend.
Please register here for all video conferences
Meeting 1: Tanburg or polycom video conferenceAustralian time Wednesday 15th 3.45pm VMR 512597 Catholic login If Tanburg system: 512587@

Meeting 2. US (3pm), UK (9pm) and Brazil (7pm) Thursday 16th
Adobe Connect - use this linkto join
Adobe Connect Room
at meeting time

Meeting 3. China (11am) and Indonesia (10am) Thursday 16th
Meeting 2. US (3pm), UK (9pm) and Brazil (7pm) Thursday 16th

Adobe Connect - use this link to join Adobe Connect Room at meeting time
Adobe Connect, Please log in as a guest and provide your name for identification.
Note: Please allow at least 10 minutes before the start time to log into the session
If you've never attended a session in Adobe Connect, please watch this "how to" video on page: You do not need to download any software or register to join the adobe connect session. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to log in before the session begins. We will have moderators available on Skype to help.
During this webinar, you can ask questions, share impressions about our first week, and have a chance to get to know each other and your moderators a bit better. If you cannot attend the webinar, we will be posting the recording.

Checklist of Week 1 TasksI have.....
  • joined the edmodo group, and Wiki
  • added my school to the front page of the Wiki
  • added my school to google maps
  • shared my 3/2/1 introductions and became familiar with the group environments
  • watched a video about online safety and posted my comments on edmodo
  • learned how to find public domain or Creative Commons-licensed images and posted my comments on edmodo
  • answered a survey to determine my experiences with online tools
  • played with some of the tools on the project tools page and posted my reflections on edmodo
  • attended the live webinar or watched the recording

Our Project Online Spaces

  • Our Wiki- hosts our bios, an outline of the project, FAQs, weekly tasks, and resources
  • Edmodo- for discussion and collaboration for participants and the place of your web portfolio of work
Additional Online Resources