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Creative Commons

Photo sites:

Using Web2.0 invariably involves using images. It is important to observe copyright and only use those images which have creative commons license allowing you to reproduce them freely; as long as you credit the 'author'. If you know of other sites, please add them to the list.
Flickr Advanced Search
Photo Pin
Wikimedia Commons (4 million images in the public domain)
Free Images (6000 stock photos, and they require you to credit them as the source)
World Images (80,000 photos from the California State University IMAGE project, under a non-commercial CC license)
ELT Pics (Images taken by teachers for teachers, collected via Twitter and stored on Flickr, under a non-commercial CC license)

Music Sites:

We also often add background music. Online music clips also requires you to observe copyright.
If you know of other sites, please add them to the list. If you know of good sites with Creative Commons-licensed music please list below:
Free Music Archive
SoundBible - FreeSound - Find sound effects.


If you would like to add a video from a site such as youtube or vimeo, you simply embed the video onto your page; essentially a supercharged link which does not breach copyright. If you download the video and then upload it to your site, this does breach copyright.